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Doctor Who: The Endless Reckoning

2012-04-27 22:29:18 by Kage-Ichihashi

So there are 22 days left of the first Indiegogo campaign for my collaborative fanfilm project Doctor Who: The Endless Reckoning. I haven't made a post here about it, but basically, on top of all the voice acting I do online, I am in the process of producing a five episode fanfilm series of Doctor Who with my boyfriend, Cody Savoie, otherwise known as Rashinban.

Hopefully, the Flash series he is animating will begin being uploaded here to Newgrounds, but for now, Doctor Who Doodles can be viewed on YouTube:

On my own account, there will be two different upcoming audio projects. One is a short trailer of sorts for both The Endless Reckoning and the other audio project called Doctor What. Doctor What is a comic book universe that exists as a part of our fanfilm series, and it is an audio adaptation of the last published issue of the serial. I have some of the characters already cast, but I am looking for authentic English dialects to be included. If you're interested, comment here or e-mail me at with a resume, a demo reel, and/or a sample of your work. I'm looking for both West Country sounds and RP, though any variation of a London dialect will do.

Please spread the word around about Doctor Who: The Endless Reckoning. If you can't make any donation to the Indiegogo campaign, please make sure to tell your friends. If we reach at least $100, we will begin work on Doctor Who Doodles Episode 2, so please get the word out! For any other information regarding the project, check out the Indiegogo page: